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          Wenhui Food will attend SIAL INTERFOOD 2017, Booth No.:AM015(Hall A)

          Updated: 2017-11-8 1:54:16Clicks: 3390 times

          sial interfood 2017, fulldream NDC


          Wenhui Food will attend SIAL Interfood 2017.Our Fulldream brand is planning to launch new non-dairy creamer(NDC) series, such as acid resisting NDC, cold water soluble NDC, and classic coffee creamer, milk tea creamer etc.

          welcome to our booth, let Fulldream refresh your feeling!

          Event Profile

          Sial Interfood is a 4 day event being held from 22nd November to 25th November 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event showcases products like Services & Related Technology for Hotel, Catering, Restaurant, Cafe, Supermarket). Food Ingredients, (Food Additives, Food Chemicals, Food Ingredients, Food Materials). Herbal & Health Food, (Herbal & Health Food and Food Supplments). Retail & Franchising, (Franchising & Licensing). Coffee, Tea and Cocoa. Fresh and Processed Fruits. Agricultures Products, Halal, Organic and Natural Health Food Products. Frozen food, Fish Seafood and Meat Products etc. in the Food & Beverage industry.


          Profile for exhibit include Food Processing & Packaging Technology, Basic food technology, Packaging machines and materials, Automation, data processing, open-loop and closed-loop technology, Food safety, quality management, Operating equipment, environmental technology, bio-engineering, Refrigeration and air conditioning technology, Conveying, transport and storage facilities Ingredients and technological process materials, Components, modules, surface technology.


          ※ Stand: AM015(Hall A)

          ※ Exhibition date: Nov.22-25. 2017

          ※ Exhibition address: Arena JIExpo Kemayoran,Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 14410,Indonesia

          ※ Linkman: Sam Wu

          ※ Mob: +86 17740833267

          ※ E-mail: sam@wen-hui.com



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